Keller, Diána
Born in Budapest in 1983

Diána Keller completed the animation course of Novus Art School, then she graduated from the intermedia program of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. In 2009 she won the main prize of the Essl Award, and thus, she got into the circulation of European contemporary art as a career-starter, and her works were exhibited in two significant foreign collections. On one hand, her works continue the kinetic experimental art that is regarded as tradition through Moholy-Nagy. On the other hand, her tight, uncut video films fit into the latest contemporary tendencies. In her newest works she plays with the painting traditions of flower-pieces and translate the theme into motion picture, indicating several questions on the conventions of depiction.
My purpose is to research and understand the tension arising from the contrast of movement and immobility. A rigid, closed world isolated from reality is expressed either in a photograph or an installation. Constructed spaces, compositions lacking colours and examining artificial light characterize my photo sequences. In my analytic animations of maquette worlds I make an attempt to track the motion combination exceeding natural change of place.” (Diána Keller)
Globe, 2011
Globe, 2011
Globe, 2011
Cabbages, 2010
Cabbages, 2010
Cabbages, 2010
Still life with fruits, 2008
Still life with fruits, 2008
Still life with fruits, 2008
Time Flowers, 2010
Time Flowers, 2010


2009Essl-award, 1st prize
Chelsea College of Art and Design, London
2008Ludwig competition
Erasmus scholarship
Scholarship of the Hungarian Republic
2004-2009 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Intermedia major, Budapest
2003-2005 Novus Art School, Animation major, Budapest
2001-2003Decorator School, Graphics major, Budapest
1997-2000 Lónyai Street Reformed Secondary School, Budapest

Single exhibitions

2010Versus (with Kim Corbisier), Inda Gallery, Budapest

Group exhibitions

2014Double Game, Inda Gallery, Budapest
2012In the pictures of Mona Lisa II. MODEM, Debrecen
2011Artist in Residence Hungary 2010, Krinzinger Projecte, Vienna
Videa, Miskolci Gallery/M.ICA, Miskolc
MEGA-Pixel 2010, Fuga Építészeti Központ, Budapest
New York, Rio, Tokio, Inda Gallery, Budapest
Art Paris Fair, Grand Palais, Paris
2010Women only, Centrális Gallery, BudapestFRISS 2010, Kogart, Budapest
Krinzinger Rezidency Program, Petőmihályfa
Starter, Arter, Istanbul
Versus, Inda Gallery, Budapest
Best Before End, Inda Gallery, Budapest
2009Best of Diploma, MKE, Budapest
Galeria Centralis, Essl–Award CEE 2009, Budapest
Utolsó Csepp Film Festival VI, Odeon-Lloyd cinema, Budapest
International Biennial of Young Visual Artists, Art Expo, ArtMill, Szentendre
2008Unatkozom, Studio Gallery, Budapest
Performance Festival, ArtMill, Szentendre
Piknik Festival, Esztergom
Lassú Puccs , MAMÜ Gallery, Budapest
Fillér, MissionArt Gallery, Miskolc
2007Szabadságra mentem, Almássy Square Leisure Centre, Budapest
Ji king exhibition, MKE Aula, Budapest
Szabadságra mentem 2, P-art cinema, Szentendre
Illem helyzetek, TŰZ TATE, Budapest
Perifériára szorult művészek, MAMÜ, Budapest
Performance Festival, ArtMill, Szentendre
Szegénység napja, West Balkán, Budapest
2006Performance Festival, ArtMill, Szentendre
It's a wonderful life, FKSE, Tűzraktár, Budapest
2005Performance Festival, ArtMill, Szentendre
Rajzkönyvek az intermédián, Budapest
A remete többes száma by Gábor Gyukics, Mucius Gallery, Budapest

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