Csaky, Marianne
Born in Budapest


Marianne Csaky, a Hungarian-born artist currently lives and works in Budapest and Brussels, and spent longer periods of time in Korea and in China as a resident artist exhibiting her work, teaching at universities and holding presentations.

She works with different media: photo, video, painting, sculpture, embroidery, installation.Trained in arts as well as cultural anthropology and literature. After completing her  M.A. she studied multimedia design/development and video art. Since the very start of her career Csaky has been known for her non-mainstream forms of expression, her unconventional and provocative images.

She has exhibited widely and her work is represented in various collections, including the collection of Lila and Gilbert Silverman (Detroit, USA), Yoko Ono (New York, USA) and Arturo Schwarz (Milan, Italy).

History and personal memory, body and representation, desire and subjectivity, and the most basic and intimate spheres of the soul, mind and body in a sociological, historical and theoretical context are in the focus of her interest. She wants to reveal how all these factors work together in defining and redefining our position in the world, the different roles as individuals, members of society and subjects of history and also makers of history. What is the role of our memories, and how the re-written memories and shifting desires construct the self of a person. 


Letter sculpture – A, 2013
Letter sculpture – N, 2013
Letter sculpture – M, 2013
Great Wall, 2013
Congquing, 2013
This Side of the River 2, 2012
Jangtze 1, 2011
Jangtze 2, 2011
Time Leap – Light Boxes: Garden Series 1-3/1, 2008
Delete, 2010
Dream my Dream, 2011
Dream my Dream, 2011


2015PhD Studies, The Hungarian University of Fine Arts

2014Spectacle Reconstruction. Contemporary Chinese Art, MODEM, Debrecen (with Zsolt Petrányi and Györgyi Fajcsák)
InsideOut, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (with David Elliott, Li Zhenhuav, Thomas Ellner, Andreas Schmid, Christopher Moor, Drew Hammond and Qiu Anxiong)
2011Raumars Art Space, Rauma, Finland

International School of Brussels, High School, Art department, Brussels, Belgium
Video Art Course, Yunnan Arts Institute of Wenhua College, Kunming, China
2010Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China - scholarship
Island6, Shanghai, China - scholarship

2009-2010943Studio, Kunming, China - scholarship
2008IASK Changdong National Art Studio, Seoul, Korea
2000-2001Animation, Studio 21 Training Center, Budapest
1999-20012B.A. Multimedia Design/Development, Generation Educational Center, Budapest
1999Artists Space, New York, USA - scholarship
1998Film and Video Art, Szellemkép Art School, Budapest
Computer and Video Art, C3-Soros Foundation, Budapest
1992Women’s Museum, Bonn, Germany - artist-in-residence program
Association Saint Henri, Saint Henri, France - scholarship
1985-1986 Dési Huber István Art School, Budapest
1985M.A. degree in Literature and Linguistics, Anthropology and Ethnography, ELTE University, Budapest

Single exhibitions

2014Art Market Budapest
2013Fotofever Brussels (with Inda Gallery)
Talán-térben, Inda Galéria, Budapest
Art Paris Art Fair (with Inda Gallery)
2012VOLTA NY Art Fair, NY, USA
2011Delete - video installation, Aritmia Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros
Dream my Dream, Me|mo|art Gallery, Budapest
Marianne Csaky's work - a retrospective, Lena & Roselli Gallery, Budapest
2010Delete, Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China
2009Bilocation, Me|mo|art Gallery, Budapest
2008Time Leap, Me|mo|art Gallery, Budapest
Studio Gallery, Budapest
IASK Changdong National Art Studio, Seoul, Korea (trio show)
2005Zichy Palace, Budapest
1997Slanting Space. Gallery 56, Budapest
Gallery of the Hungarian Institute, Paris, France
1995Water Ordeal, Óbuda Club Gallery, Budapest
Young Artists’ Club Gallery, Budapest
1994Liget Gallery, Budapest
1992Young Artists’ Club Gallery, Budapest
1991French Institute Gallery, Budapest

Group exhibitions

2015Creation-Works, Budapest Gallery,
2014Inside Out, Momentum, Berlin, Germany
Double Game, Inda Gallery

2013Fotofever, Brussels, Belgium
DaziBao, Ningbo, China
DaziBao, Chongquing, China
La Grande Migration, Budapest, Hungary
Radiator Gallery, New York, USA
Art Paris Art Fair, Paris, France
2012Viennafair 2012, Vienna
Left and Right, Hong Studio, Peking, China
Fotofever, Brussels, Belgium
Videoholica, International Video Art Festival, Varna, Bulgaria
Art Stays, 10th International Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj, Slovenia
Art Paris Art Fair, Paris, France
Quadratic Equations, Kepes Intézet, Eger, Hungary
2011New York, Rio, Tokyo, Inda Gallery, Budapest
Art Stays - 9th International Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj, Slovenia
Distance Making & Reducing, Raumars Art Space, Rauma/Pori, Finnland
Videa - Contemporary Women's Video Art, Miskolci Gallery, Miskolc, Hungary
A beautiful past is ahead of us - Subjective history, Csikász Gallery, Veszprém, Hungary
2010Drawing? - Contemporary Hungarian Drawings, Budapest Gallery, Budapest,
Visual Dialogue, Mingyang Art Centre, Shanghai, China
Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China
Off the Wall, Loft Jin Ding 1919, 943Studo, Kunming, China
Psychic Apparatus, Island6, Shanghai, China
She's Vision
International Contemporary Female Art Exhibition, Qi Sheng Art Museum, Long Quan Yi Qu Luo Dai Old city, Chengdu, China
TCG Nordica Gallery, Kunming, China
2009On Paper - Contemporary Hungarian Drawings and Prints from the 80s to Our Day, Írokéz Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary
The Art of Stitch - Needlework Techniques and Instruments in Contemporary Hungarian Art, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
2008Maecenas Days - Leading Contemporary Art Collections, Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest
Gallery of the Hungarian Institute, Brussels, Belgium
2007Videospace, Budapest
2004EUrotika & HomoArt, Private collection of Tony Fekete, Vigadó Galéria, Budapest
2002Images in the Mirror, First Hungarian Scenic Collection, Diszel, Hungary
2000Ernst Museum, Budapest
1997Chimaera: Aktuelle Photokunst aus Mitteleuropa/Contemporary photographs from Central Europe. Staatliche Galerie Moritzburg, Halle, Germany
Galerie Umelecká, Bratislava, Slovakia
Gallery Bartók 32, Budapest
Great Motive, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
1995Europe: Creation & Re-creation, Palace of Art, Budapest
State of Art, Hungarian Sculpture, Palace of Art, Budapest
1994Gallery Station 3 (BVÖ), Vienna, Austria
1992Association Saint Henri, Saint Henri, France

Works in collections

The Lila and Gilbert Silverman Collection, Detroit, USA
The Collection of Yoko Ono, New York, USA
The Arturo Schwarz Collection, Milan, Italy
The Somlói-Spengler Collection, Budapest, Hungary
The Collection of the French Institute Budapest, Hungary
The PRK & Partners Collection, Budapest, Hungary
The Karvalits-Szelényi Collection, Budapest, Hungary
The Collection of Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China

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