Born in Budapest in 1981

In the accelerated, visually overflowing world of the consumer society, because of the increase of stimulus threshold, less and less people can sense the fine expressions of arts. For this reason, in order to send my message, I'd like to use the commercial technologies to create works of fine art. I try to reach people, who don't go to galleries and therefore can't meet art, through the streets. After the LTP., I'd like to create more similar works in the genres of street art, public art, land art. Of course, in addition to this, I also create works that can be exhibited in galleries.

Self-portrait with razor, 2008
Living room-carpet, 2009
Building estate, 2008


2000-2005 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Graphics major, Budapest

Single exhibitions

2005-2007LTP. 2005 building graphics, Gazdagrét Housing Estate, Budapest

Group exhibitions

2011New York, Rio, Tokyo, Inda Gallery, Budapest
2010Best Before End, Inda Gallery, Budapest
2009Vitamin Cocktail, Inda Gallery, Budapest
2006 City-Scape I., Inda Gallery, Budapest (with György Germán, Valéria Sóváradi, Ábel Szabó)
2005New Europe Shaping Identities – Changing Borders, KOGART, Budapest
Without Tate, Tűzraktár, Budapest
2004 the 100th exhibition of the Pannónia Gallery, Sopron
Miskolc Graphic Biennal Miskolc
Neighbours – local connections and identity, Budapest
2003 XVII. Miskolc Winter Exhibition, Miskolc

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